Mixmag Presents Fergie: Let There Be Hard House

Times flys, I first mixed this CD cover mount for @mixmagmagazine The best part of 20 years ago LET THERE BE HARD HOUSE, Remixed & Remastered, Still banging 💣🎶💣 It was music for the people!


The standard dance music tale of the year 2000 tends to focus on superstar DJs and superclubs: Fatboy at Manumission, Paul van Dyk and Seb Fontaine at Cream, hugely overreaching Millennium night raves that left thousands stranded at empty venues,Toca’s Miracle and Chicane featuring Bryan Adams. At street level though, clubs like Sundissential, Passion and Trade were pushing a sound that was harder, faster and more balls out boshing than anything you’d hear Pete Tong play on the radio. This was peak hard house, and Fergie was its king. At a time when he was snorting powdered Red Bull to keep up with the most punishing schedule (and records) in DJing, Ferg’s March 2000 ‘journey into Bangingland’ cover mix showcased the sound that was thrashing dancefloors from Coalville to Clerkenwell. Fergie takes in the masters of the hard house scene from BK to Knuckleheadz… Forget today’s tropical house and endless UK garage revivals – 16 years ago the world was harder, faster and more banging than anything before or since. as Fergie would say, happy days.

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